2012 UBCM Resolutions - Next Steps

BC local governments brought forward over 200 resolutions to the 2012 Convention on topics ranging from oil tanker traffic to rural policing policies.  So what happens now?

Thanks to an efficient and respectful debate, the Resolutions Committee was able to address all of the resolutions within the time allotted at 2012 Convention.  Following the Convention, UBCM staff and Executive have worked to ensure that endorsed resolutions are either conveyed to other governments, organizations or to UBCM Executive directly.

How do endorsed resolutions produce results?

Endorsed resolutions have an immediate impact by conveying messages to government, shaping the development of provincial policy and legislation or adding to public debate.  The resolutions are also taken up into UBCM's day to day advocacy on behalf of local government.

For instance, resolutions related to infrastructure endorsed at the 2012 Convention were immediately integrated into  UBCM's advocacy on this important file.  When our elected officials or staff meet with other levels of government to discuss the infrastructure file, the messaging and approach are grounded in the resolutions endorsed by the membership on this issue – not only in 2012 but in the years past.

Endorsed resolutions also help UBCM to respond quickly when the provincial or federal governments launch initiatives that require local government input.  Last week the provincial government announced it was requesting feedback on a policy paper concerning land based spill preparedness and response.  After a review of the resolutions database, UBCM staff were able to begin a conversation with the province the next working day on a consultation process that was informed by previously endorsed resolutions   on spill preparedness.

In short, from long-term strategic planning to rapid response to emerging issues, resolutions are the foundation for UBCM's activities.    The resolutions process also ensures that UBCM's advocacy is grounded in policies that have been considered, debated and endorsed by the membership.

To find out more about the policy foundations for UBCM,  search our online database here.

2012 Update: Resolutions Conveyed to Other Governments or Organizations

Resolutions from the 2012 Convention were conveyed immediately following the meeting as follows:
•    138 resolutions conveyed to the provincial Minister of Community, Sport & Cultural Development;
•    37 resolutions conveyed to the appropriate federal government ministers;
•    21 resolutions conveyed to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities; and
•    16 resolutions conveyed to other organizations.

Current Status of 2012 Resolutions

Conveyance of resolutions to senior orders of government or other organizations was carried out immediately following the 2012 UBCM Convention. UBCM is awaiting the responses, and will share those when they are available.

The Executive considered resolutions requesting UBCM action at their November 30, 2012 meeting and referred the resolutions to committees or staff. There will be reports back on these resolutions at the Executive meeting in January 2013, and this information will be reported out to the membership as part of the communications to members following the meeting.

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