Commitments to Consultation & Cooperation Renewed

UBCM reconfirmed its commitment to two agreements at the 2012 UBCM Convention. The first with the Province on the New Relationship with First Nations and the second with the BC School Trustees Association (BCSTA) to continue to work collaboratively on issues of mutual interest.

On September 26th, UBCM renewed its Memorandum of Understanding with the Province, Local Government Participation in the New Relationship with First Nations in BC [PDF - 4.2 MB]. Building on past agreements, the MOU recognizes that local governments have a unique interest in negotiations (treaty and non-treaty) with First Nations and recognizes local governments as respected advisers to the Province. The current MOU essentially extends similar consultation principles that exist in the treaty process to New Relationship negotiations outside the treaty process. That is, the provincial government commits to consulting with local governments on negotiations that affect local government jurisdiction.

At the Delegates Lunch on Thursday September 27th, UBCM President Heath Slee, and BCSTA President Michael McEvoy, renewed the Protocol on Consultation and Cooperation [PDF - 738 KB] between the two associations. The Protocol recognizes the organizations' many shared interests in delivering mandates, such as community planning, school sites, shared use facilities, libraries, sport and recreation, etc. The Protocol has been instrumental in providing a forum whereby the two associations can undertake work on shared use agreements, school land disposition/school sites and to deliver joint funding programs, such as the Neighbourhood Learning Centres program.

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