Group Benefits Plan Marketing Review 2019/2020

In October 2019, UBCM will be conducting a Plan Marketing Review of the UBCM Group Benefits Plan for group benefit insurance services. These services are currently provided by Pacific Blue Cross/BC Life, and the review is to ensure the UBCM is providing its membership with the best services and pricing available.

UBCM is one of several other public sector organizations who will be working together as part of this process and, in aggregate, this initiative is expected to be one of the largest group benefit marketing exercises ever conducted in Canada. This is an opportunity for member AND non-member organizations to participate in this marketing exercise. 

The UBCM's Notice of Plan Marketing Review gives a detailed overview of this initiative. If you have any questions or you would like to discuss this initiative further, please contact:

Anna Wijesinghe                                                           Kathleen Spalek, CPA, CGA
Manager, Member & Association Services                        Chief Financial Officer
phone: 604-270-8226 ext 111                                       phone: 604-270-8226 ext 102                                       

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