Protocol & Forms of Address

For information on protocol and forms of address for federal, provincial, foreign, or religious dignitaries, please refer to the Styles of Address pages on the Canadian Heritage website.

Protocol and Forms of Address for Local Government Officials

It is important, when addressing a letter, to identify the proper gender of the person to whom you are writing - e.g., His / Her Excellency or Worship; Dear Sir or Madam; Mr., Mrs., Ms. The examples below use a single gender for convenience only. Also note that Mrs. or Ms. should be used as appropriate to individual circumstances.


Address: Her Worship Mayor Jane Doe OR Mayor Jane Doe
Salutation: Dear Mayor Doe
Conversation: Mayor Doe OR Ms. Doe

Mayor and Council

Address: His Worship Mayor John Doe and Council OR Mayor Doe and Council
Salutation: Dear Mayor Doe and Council

Committee Chair

[Note: if a Mayor has written in a capacity other than Mayor and has not signed as Mayor, you would still address him as Mayor.]

Address: Her Worship Mayor Jane Doe OR Mayor Jane Doe Chair
Salutation: Dear Mayor Doe

Regional District Chair

Address: Chair John Doe
Salutation: Dear Chair Doe
Conversation: Mr. Doe

Regional District Board

Address: Chair Jane Doe and Board
Salutation: Dear Chair Doe and Board

Municipal Elected Officials

Address: Councillor John Doe
Salutation: Dear Councillor Doe OR Dear Mr. Doe
Conversation: Mr. Doe

Regional District Elected Officials

Address: Director Jane Doe
Salutation: Dear Director Doe OR Mrs. Doe
Conversation: Mrs. Doe

Protocol Questions

Specific questions concerning protocol can be directed to the provincial Protocol and Events Branch in Victoria.
Tel: (250) 387-1616
Office of Protocol Website

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