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From 2003 through 2013, UBCM undertook an initiative to recognize clearly written resolutions. UBCM awarded the best resolutions Gold Star or Honourable Mention status, to encourage excellence in resolutions drafting and to assist UBCM members in refining their resolutions in preparation for submission to the annual UBCM Convention.

To be awarded Gold Star or Honourable Mention recognition, a resolution had to meet the standards of excellence established in the Gold Star Resolutions Criteria, which were based on the UBCM resolution Drafting and Submission Guidelines.

Gold Star Resolutions Criteria

  1. Resolution must be properly titled.
  2. Resolution must employ clear, simple language.
  3. Resolution must clearly identify problem, reason and solution.
  4. Resolution must have two or fewer recital (WHEREAS) clauses.
  5. Resolution must have a short, clear, stand-alone enactment (THEREFORE) clause.
  6. Resolution must focus on a single subject, must be of local government concern province-wide and must address an issue that constitutes new policy for UBCM.
  7. Resolution must include appropriate references to policy, legislation and regulation.
  8. Resolution must be submitted to relevant Area Association prior to UBCM.

A print-friendly PDF version of the Gold Star Resolutions Criteria is also available:

Gold Star Resolutions Criteria [PDF - 38 KB]

Gold Star & Honourable Mention Winners

Gold Star and Honourable Mention resolutions from past years:

2013 [PDF - 76 KB]
2012 [PDF - 73 KB]
2011 [PDF - 59 KB]
2010 [PDF - 86 KB]
2009 [PDF - 158 KB]
2008 [PDF - 177 KB]
2007 [PDF - 86 KB]
2006 [PDF - 99 KB]
2005 [PDF - 93 KB]
2004 [PDF - 105 KB]
2003 [PDF - 86 KB]


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