Resolutions Process Review

Member Consultation

A discussion paper and survey were sent to members in mid-March for their consideration.

The discussion paper is below:
Resolutions Process Review Discussion Paper [PDF - 1.6 MB]
Member Notice: Resolutions Process Review [PDF - 73 KB]

A survey was also sent to members in March and responses were received until May 31, 2010. The survey is now closed.

UBCM presented the discussion paper at 4 of the Area Association conferences. Comments provided at these sessions and from the member survey will be included in a 2010 policy paper on the resolutions process. This paper will be presented to the membership for consideration at the 2010 Convention.


The resolutions process review was initiated by resolution 2008-B137, which requested that each Area Association be allowed to prioritize their top 5 resolutions for debate at Convention; that the UBCM Executive be allowed to bring forward a maximum of 25 resolutions; and that UBCM develop a tracking system for resolutions.

A policy paper on the resolutions process was presented at the 2009 Convention and endorsed by the membership:

UBCM Resolutions Process: Discussion on Scope and Options [PDF - 539 KB]

The Resolutions Committee and the Executive have been working since the 2009 Convention to develop options for changing the resolutions process. Work has included a review of delegate feedback from past Conventions, review of the resolutions process since 2003, and a review of the UBCM bylaws and Executive policies. Also, 16 interviews were conducted in November and December 2009 with UBCM Past Presidents and the current President, former Executive Director, former and current Resolutions Committee members.


For more information on the review, please contact:

Marylyn Chiang
Policy Analyst
604 270 8226 ext. 110

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