Auditor General for Local Government

The Auditor General for Local Government Act came into force April 25, 2012. Information about that Office can be found on the AGLG Website.

AGLG Five-year Review

UBCM Survey of Audited Local Governments

In August 2015, UBCM released its report on the AGLG operations between March 2013 and March 2015 based on a survey of audited local governments.

UBCM Policy Paper

UBCM released a policy paper on the Municipal Auditor General for consideration by the membership at the 2011 UBCM Convention.  Given that there was no previous policy on a MAG, the paper sought that policy direction from the membership.

Excerpt from the Minutes of the 2011 UBCM Convention
Opening the Convention policy session on Thursday, September 29, 2011, Mayor Greg Moore assumed the Chair at 8:55 a.m. and introduced the Municipal Auditor General Policy Paper. A motion, duly moved and seconded, that the recommendation from the Municipal Auditor General Policy Paper be amended to express disagreement with the need for an office of the Municipal Auditor General, was endorsed.

The recommendation, as amended, then read:

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM, while disagreeing on the necessity to create an office of the Municipal Auditor General, due to the fact that requirements of such an office are already met under existing local government legislation and regulations, endorse in principle the policy paper and instruct the UBCM Executive to continue negotiations with the provincial government.

ON MOTION the recommendation, as amended, was ENDORSED.

UBCM Context Paper

UBCM released a Context Paper in response to the proposed office for a Municipal Auditor General (MAG, later, the Auditor General for Local Government) in July 2011. 

Municipal Auditor General Context Paper [PDF - 1022 KB]

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