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Local Governments' Role in Licensing Non-Medical Cannabis Retail Stores - Province of BC

A Municipal Guide to Cannabis Legalization - FCM

Cannabis Legalization in Your Community: A Primer for Local Governments - UBCM

JCCR Engagement with the UBCM Membership

In April & May 2018, UBCM and BC's Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat made presentations for various local government organizations, including the AVICC, AKBLG, SILGA, NCLGA and LGMA. These presentations outlined the JCCR's contribution towards the devleopment of a provincial framework for non-medical cannabis, as well as other work being conducted by UBCM and the provincial government.

UBCM's Presentation [PDF - 714 KB] - May 2018

UBCM Feedback & Submissions

UBCM Submission #2 [PDF - 435 KB] – Jan 2018

UBCM Submission #1 [PDF - 531 KB] – Nov 2017

In UBCM’s first submission, the Joint Provincial-Local Government Committee on Cannabis Regulation (JCCR) was asked to develop consensus responses. UBCM’s second submission differs, in that it does not provide consensus recommendations from the Committee as a whole, but rather summarizes the discussions that have taken place. These discussions are in response to specific questions related to the provincial retail model. JCCR members have agreed to table other local government issues and concerns (e.g. distribution of taxation revenue, regulation of edibles) at a later time. These issues will be part of upcoming discussions with the Province, as engagement is expected to continue until the date of legalization and beyond.

UBCM’s first submission to the provincial government came on November 30, 2017, addressing specific questions related to the larger issues identified in the provincial government discussion paper, Cannabis Legalization and Regulation in British Columbia. The local government JCCR members’ responses to these questions have informed the recommendations made by UBCM in this submission.


On September 21, 2017, Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, the Honourable Mike Farnworth, invited UBCM to form a standing committee on cannabis legalization. The proposed committee would provide “a forum for local governments to share their experience and knowledge and bring forward matters of interest or concern” to the provincial Cannabis Legalization and Regulation Secretariat. The Committee would also be used for any required statutory consultation, should there be any changes to local government legislation.

The Joint Provincial-Local Government Committee on Cannabis Regulation (JCCR) has been meeting on a regular basis since October 2017 to discuss key policy decisions, and respond to questions posed by the Province of British Columbia.

JCCR Terms of Reference

JCCR Terms of Reference [PDF - 84 KB]

Local Government JCCR Members

The local government JCCR members include a mix of local government elected officials, senior staff, and staff with specialized skill sets and experience in planning, building inspection, bylaw enforcement, or public safety.

Councillor Brian Frenkel, District of Vanderhoof
Mayor Maja Tait, District of Sooke
Chris Coates, City Clerk, City of Victoria
Kevin Cormack, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Nelson
Kathryn Holm, Chief Licence Inspector, City of Vancouver
Dave Jones, Business Licence Inspector, City of Kamloops
Peter Monteith, Chief Administrative Officer, City of Chilliwack
Gary MacIsaac, Executive Director, Union of BC Municipalities
Ian Wells, GM of Planning & Development, City of Prince George


Province to UBCM re: Consultation on Framework for Legalization of Cannabis [PDF - 55 KB] – Sep 2017


Cannabis Regulations Safeguard Local Choice, Jurisdiction – Feb 2018
UBCM Submission on Cannabis Legalization – Dec 2017
One Week Left for Cannabis Engagement – Oct 2017
UBCM Focused on Cannabis Legalization, Housing – Sep 2017
Working Group on Cannabis Legalization – Sep 2017


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Policy Analyst
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