Renewed Gas Tax Agreement

The Administrative Agreement on the Federal Gas Tax Fund in British Columbia (Agreement or GTA) took effect on April 1, 2014. The tripartite Agreement between Canada-British Columbia-UBCM replaced the 2005-2014 Agreement and provides the administrative framework for the delivery of federal Gas Tax funding to local governments and other recipients in British Columbia over ten years (2014-2024).

The Gas Tax fund provides predictable, long-term and stable funding to local governments in British Columbia for investment in infrastructure and capacity building projects. Over the 10 years of the Agreement, British Columbia is expected to receive a transfer of $3.052 billion in funding from Canada. The Gas Tax Fund Allocation Table has been made available by Infrastructure Canada.

The Gas Tax fund is guided by three national program objectives, which include productivity and economic growth, a clean environment and strong cities and communities. In British Columbia, the Gas Tax fund is delivered through three program streams: Community Works Fund; Strategic Priorities Fund; and Greater Vancouver Regional Fund.

Gas Tax Program Services – Staff Contacts

The Gas Tax Program is administered by UBCM staff at our Victoria office. Staff manage the day to day operations including ensuring that the funding is delivered and used in accordance with the Agreement, support Gas Tax governance committees, and provide communication support and public outreach.




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Rebecca Williams

Program Administrator

Holly Yee

Program Administrator

Brant Felker

Manager, Gas Tax Program Services


Paul Taylor

Director of Communications


Toby Simpson

Program Officer


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