Evacuation Route Planning

Applications are not currently being accepted for this program.  

Please note, due to COVID-19, the April 2020 intake was postponed to November 6, 2020.  

The intent of this funding stream is to support eligible applicants to develop Evacuation Route Plans for communities that would otherwise be challenged to successfully undertake an evacuation operation during an emergency.  This is a planning stream and funding cannot be used for construction work. The maximum available funding is $25,000.

For all funded projects, it is expected that in-person activities, meetings or events meet social distancing and other public health guidance in relation to COVID-19.  Extensions to project end dates and final report deadlines are available for any approved project impacted by COVID-19. 

2020 Program

Applications are not currently being accepted for this funding stream.

2018 Program

Approved applicants should refer to the program guide for final report requirements.

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