Wednesday Clinics

Be Fair: Responding Effectively to Complaints

Rachel Warren, Manager - Prevention Initiatives Team, Office of the BC Ombudsperson
Nathan Paul, A/Manager - Health and Local Services Team, Office of the BC Ombudsperson

Convention Finance and Sponsorship Review

Frank Leonard, Review Panel Chair, Frank Leonard Associates

Elected Officials Must Themselves be Resilient

Sukhbir Manhas, Partner, Young Anderson
Jan Enns, Principal, Jan Enns Communications

Revitalized Legislative Framework for the ALR

James Mack, ADM, Agriculture Science & Policy Division, BC Ministry of Agriculture
Kim Grout, CEO, Agricultural Land Commission

Ship-source Oil Pollution: Compensation 101

Ryan Gauvin, Legal Counsel, Office of the Administrator of the Ship-source Oil
          Pollution Fund
Sheila Malcolmson, MLA and Parliamentary Secretary for the Environment, Government of
          British Columbia
Leonard Krog, Mayor, City of Nanaimo

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