Monday Study Sessions & Tours

Agricultural Study Tour (all day)

Join the B.C. Ministry of Agriculture on a tour through Richmond and Delta showcasing some recent approaches and trends in the agriculture industry. Gain insight on how local governments can help ensure the success of farm operations through planning for agriculture. A broad spectrum of farm operations will be visited. Examples may include:

  • A dairy operation with an anaerobic digester;
  • A family-owned and operated century farm that has evolved into a vegetable and herb farm.
  • A cranberry research farm and a cranberry processor.

Lunch will be provided and there may be opportunities to purchase local farm products at some of the tour stops. Light snacks will also be available on the bus, but please note that breakfast is not included. Please dress for the weather and wear farm-appropriate footwear. Partners/spouses are welcome and must formally register for the tour.

Electric Vehicle Study Tour: BCIT Oasis Renewable Energy project and EV Info Session (AM only)

Electric vehicles (EVs) have implications for local government spanning fleets, building requirements and climate targets. Join Metro Vancouver on a tour to learn about EVs, how to charge them and what local governments in this region are doing to prepare for the increase in EVs. This tour begins with a journey on an electric bus, to British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Burnaby Campus. Here the group will:

  1. Tour the BCIT Oasis Renewable Energy and Smart Micro grid project. Learn how solar renewables have been integrated into EV charging and how a Smart Micro grid system, provides power to buildings and chargers in the event of a natural disaster.
  2. Information session on EVs for personal and fleet applications. This session will be facilitated by the Vancouver Electric Vehicle Association and the City of Vancouver. There will be EVs on display and opportunities to ride in some of these exciting vehicles.

Wear comfortable clothing and footwear. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

Dissecting Affordability – Root Causes and Implications (AM only)

Lack of affordable housing has emerged as one of the critical challenges facing all levels of government.  Housing prices have grown increasingly detached from household incomes, creating difficulties for those who live, work and contribute to BC’s communities.  Widely cited explanations linking housing prices to a lack of supply are becoming increasingly untenable as housing prices continue to rise even while housing starts across BC have climbed dramatically in recent years. This session will bring together presenters from multiple sectors to shed light on the root causes of the affordability of crisis, and point towards solutions for local governments and others, moving forward.

Legalized Cannabis in British Columbia (AM only)

In a very short time period, the Canadian cannabis landscape has shifted dramatically, from the eventual possibility of legalization to the reality of creating a new legalized framework. The federal government has ushered in this new era by appointing a Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation on June 30, 2016, and subsequently tabling legislation on April 13, 2017. Cannabis is likely to be legalized by July 1, 2018, leaving all orders of government little time to develop regulations. Local governments are left in an unenviable position, as they work to avoid a multitude of downloads from other orders of government, as well as receive a fair share of revenue derived from the new system.

This half-day session will explore the legalization and regulation of cannabis in Canada, and in particular British Columbia. Presenters representing the federal government, Province of British Columbia, local government, and other organizations will discuss methods to address local government concerns, steps to develop a ‘made in BC’ approach, and other important aspects of a new framework.

Funding for Local Governments (AM only)

This half-day session will include panel presentations on funding programs for local governments in BC, discussion on new and emerging program priorities such as climate change and asset management, as well as providing an opportunity for delegates to meet with program staff from UBCM, the Province of BC and the Government of Canada to discuss current funding opportunities.

Advancing Local Government - First Nations Relations (PM only)

Relationships between First Nations and Local Governments are built on a foundation of mutual awareness, communications and respect. This session will aim to demonstrate how these principles have been applied to achieve successful collaborations, and also to survey the current policy context impacting local government relations with their First Nations neighbours.

The first portion of the session will bring together speakers from across orders of government to discuss a renewed federal focus on Indigenous Peoples, the Additions to Reserve Policy Directive, and recent developments in treaty negotiations.  The second portion will feature presenters from BC communities, to illustrate how relationship building has worked in practice, through examples of joint social and economic development initiatives.

Green Innovation and Other Environment Policy (PM only)

This year's Environment session will explore current and emerging policies and programs, including climate action and the 10 year anniversary of the Climate Action Charter.  Additional topics will be determined late summer and posted in the UBCM Compass and on the UBCM website.

Mayors Caucus (for Mayors only)

The Mayors Caucus is an opportunity for Mayors to get together and discuss common issues and concerns. This session is open to Mayors from all BC municipalities.

Us and Them: Private Screening (evening) 

Filmed over a decade, Us and Them is a deeply visceral documentary film about transformation through human connection. Using the First Nations Medicine Wheel, a woman sets out to help four homeless people, but they end up helping her. Featuring Dr. Gabor Maté, Hereditary Chief Phil Lane Jr., and Reverend Al Tysick, this film digs deep into the root causes of addiction and homelessness.

Dr. Gabor Maté will be in attendance for the post-screening discussion at this special UBCM showing. Kishone Roy, CEO of the BC Non-Profit Housing Association will host the event, and Victoria Mayor, Lisa Helps will introduce the film. 

Us and Them was written and directed by Krista Loughton and Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation), and has a runtime of 80 minutes. 

Watch the Trailer here.

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