Keynote Address: Terry Milewski

A veteran CBC television personality, Terry Milewski is one of Canada's best-known broadcast journalists. He's reported the news from 52 countries over the past 44 years—and was the CBC's very first Middle East correspondent. Today, he speaks on how a free and functional media is crucial to a democratic society—and how Canada can lead the charge for a world that's still committed to the truth.

Terry Milewski has been a reliable fixture on Canadian televisions for decades. He began his storied career with the CBC as a local reporter in Calgary. He then jumped to the national news division as a science reporter before becoming a parliamentary correspondent. Milewski opened the CBC's Jerusalem bureau in the mid-80s and became The National's first Middle East correspondent. Since then, his thousands of assignments—including eight years as Washington correspondent for the CBC—have taken him all over Europe, Asia, the Americas, and the Middle East, giving him a rich, nuanced understanding of global politics. After forty years of journalism, he retired from regular broadcasting as the CBC's senior correspondent in Ottawa, but still appears frequently on the air and online.

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