Convention Code of Conduct

Expectations of Delegates and Conference Participants Attending the UBCM Convention

At the 2016 UBCM Convention, delegates endorsed resolution B103 asking UBCM to implement a conference code of conduct.  B103 specifically requested that a system be put into place to ensure that code breaches could be reported safely, that proper processes be put into place to follow up on complaints and that those found to be in contravention of the code could be dealt with expeditiously.

In response to that direction, the UBCM Executive has acted and is in the process of implementing a conference code of conduct. The code of conduct will be implemented in two phases.  As a first step for 2017, UBCM has issued a Statement of Expectations for delegates and conference participants attending the UBCM Convention.   We encourage delegates to read and adhere to the following Statement of Expectations:  

1. All delegates and conference participants have the right to a safe, fun and enjoyable experience. UBCM will not tolerate any communication or behaviour that demeans, threatens, or harasses anyone at its events.


2. All delegates regardless of their employer, their position, their perspectives or priorities will treat others, and be treated, in a respectful, understanding and cooperative manner.


3. The primary purpose of the annual UBCM Convention is to provide the membership with an opportunity to set the association’s policy direction for the year ahead.


4. The Convention also provides delegates with an opportunity to learn, share and meet with other local, provincial and federal government officials in addition to other associations that are interested in engaging with local governments.


5. Only local elected officials who are UBCM members are entitled to speak and vote on matters put forward to the membership. However, the annual Convention is open to the public. Anyone may attend the conference so long as they register.


6. All UBCM members are viewed as equal regardless of their population, location, or their ability to attend the annual convention.


- Adopted by the UBCM Executive July 14, 2017

 The second phase, implemented for the 2018 Convention, will see the establishment of a formal process for reporting complaints to an independent mediator on site who will investigate and deal with all complaints in an expeditious manner.  The mediator will have the authority to act if delegates are found to be in contravention of the code.  While it is our hope that the mediator’s services will not be required, the UBCM Executive wanted to ensure that it acted on the direction requested by the membership last year.

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