Presentations from Clinics, Workshops and Other Sessions

Where available, presentations given during sessions at the 2016 UBCM Convention are posted here.

For questions about a presentation, or information about presentations not posted here, please contact the presenter directly.

Monday, September 26

Study Sessions & Tour
Agricultural Study Tour: Innovations in Agrifood
Understanding the Village
Climate Action: Responsibilities, Opportunities and Solutions
Forest Policy Decision-Making: The Case for Greater Community Consultation
Tent Cities and Homelessness
Gang Violence in Our Communities
BC Mayors' Caucus

Tuesday, September 27

Community Water Fluoridation
Open Season on Integrity: Hunting for the Right Solution in BC
Reducing Liability Exposure for Local Governments
Regulatory Changes Affecting Agri-tourism in BC
UBCM and FCM: Local Connections Around the World

Electoral Area Directors Forum
Small Talk Forum
Mid-Sized Communities Forum
Large Urban Communities Forum

Plenary Session
Drug-related Overdoses: A Public Health Emergency

Provincial Policy Sessions
BC Local Government's $200 Billion Infrastructure Challenge
BC's Input Into the National Housing Strategy
Exercise Coastal Response: Lessons Learned
In the Driver's Seat: Local Governments Talk Uber
Is Drought in Your Future? Provincial and Local Government Response and Preparedness
Soil Movement: Contamination and Invasive Species

Wednesday, September 28

Cleaning Up Motels, Inns and Dives
Collective Bargaining: The Cost of Safety
Development in Proximity to Rail Lines
Growing BC's Creative Economy
The Municipal Natural Assets Initiative

Provincial Cabinet Panels
Panel on Strong Communities
Panel on Responsible Resource Development
Panel on Strong Economy and Jobs

Consulate-General of the People's Republic of China in Vancouver Reception

Thursday, September 29

Emergency Management BC Update
Performance Audits in Local Government
Stretch Code: A New Tool for Better Buildings
Targeting Irresponsible Dog and Cat Breeders
Working Together to Prevent Wildfires in BC 

Workshops & Study Tour
Collaboration Can Create New Affordable Housing Units
Policy Implications for Short-term Vacation Rentals
Responding Safely to Relationship Violence
Weird Weather: Straight Talk about Adaptation
Greater Victoria Harbour Authority Tour

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