Leading Edge

Whistler is the ideal venue for pursuing leading edge local governance. Its stunning vistas and legacy of excellence will inspire us to challenge ourselves, carve fresh trails, and find new ways to manoeuvre demanding terrain.

Pursuing the leading edge means embracing innovation and establishing best practices. It means being first out of the gate, and developing solutions in the face of significant challenges. In short, it is the modus operandi of local governments, who consistently provide unique solutions to everyday community challenges.

In many cases, the status quo isn't working for local governments in BC. To enact change, we must work together to pinpoint challenges, develop solutions and achieve the goals that may elude us when working alone. The 2014 UBCM Convention will explore innovative concepts with the potential to propel us beyond constraints, towards success.

Each year we come together to support our communities by setting policy directions and advocating for local issues and initiatives. We share knowledge with colleagues, learn from respected professionals, and open our minds to unique perspectives and approaches with the potential to elevate the work we do on a daily basis.

Local actions can resonate loudly at the provincial and federal levels. So let's set the leadership precedent locally by delivering services, facilities, safety and infrastructure solutions that are fresh, innovative, and as unique as our citizens.

Join us as we pursue the leading edge to enhance and advance BC communities.

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