Navigating the Local Landscape 

UBCM launched The Compass this year—a weekly e-newsletter that marks a shift in the way the organization communicates with its members. The Compass is a resource that helps BC local governments navigate the local government landscape.

It also acts as inspiration for this year's convention. Just as a compass steers a traveler on his path, so the 2013 UBCM Convention will aim to guide local leaders in their efforts to move their communities forward. 

We all have priorities and goals—as individuals, community members and local government leaders. But the myriad of expectations and challenges before us can leave us feeling directionally challenged. The 2013 UBCM Convention will provide an opportunity to establish policies that provide clear direction for all BC local governments.

We will also have the opportunity to discuss some of the uncertainties that obscure our course. How do we provide tomorrow's infrastructure using yesterday's funding structure? Where is the balance between local government latitude with strong intergovernmental cooperation? How does global economic uncertainty impact local community prosperity? UBCM 2013 will provide the tools, resources and inspiration for navigating the complex local government landscape.

The countless local projects and programs that are being implemented across the province demonstrate that our communities are thriving, despite challenges. BC local governments are adept at overcoming impediments and identifying innovative solutions. Join us as we come together to recognize successes, and draw inspiration for addressing our own communities' obstacles.

Together, we will take the path less travelled, and explore new approaches to building vibrant communities.

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