Session Presentations

Where available, presentations made at clinics, workshops, or plenary sessions at the 2012 UBCM Convention are posted here.

For questions about a presentation, or information about presentations not posted here, please contact the presenter directly.

Monday, September 24

Study Sessions
Marijuana Decriminalization Debate
Powering the Future
Local Government Finance: Matching Revenues & Responsibilities

Tuesday, September 25

Maximize Your Climate Action Commitments
Powers of Mayor & Council
BC Ideas: Solutions for Stronger Communities
LiveSmart BC: Small Business Program
Tsunami Debris

Electoral Area Directors Forum
Small Talk Forum
Mid-Sized Communities Forum
Large Urban Forum

Social Media & Local Government Leadership

Provincial Policy Sessions
BC Policing Plan
Small Water Systems Working Group
Improving Employment for Persons with Disabilities
Community Poverty Reduction Strategies

Wednesday, September 26

Community Destination Development: A Partnership Opportunity
Municipal-Rail Proximity Guidelines
Provincial Athletic Commissioner Update & Discussion
Spot the Drug House
First Nations Participation as Members of Regional Districts

Cabinet Panels
Jobs & the Economy
Healthy Families
Resources & the Environment
Community Services

Federation of Canadian Municipalities
Target 2014: Building Our Future

Thursday, September 27

Collaborative Watershed Governance in BC
Responsible Gambling Goes Grassroots - In Your Community
Preserving BC's Dinosaurs
Developing Your Volunteer Fire Department
Empowering Citizens Through Data

Wireless Antenna Siting Forum
Focus on Seniors - A Collaborative Approach
Packaging & Printed Paper in BC: Changes to the Blue Box
Voting Over the Internet in 2014?
RCMP Contract Update

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