Forging Gold Medal Standards

2010 is a year that will not soon be forgotten. It has become synonymous with feelings of accomplishment, triumph and togetherness. It has provided an opportunity to showcase the beauty of this province, and the pride that comes along with living here.

More than anything, this year has been a time of learning. Some of the lessons have been inspirational and rewarding, while others have been challenging and unexpected. Regardless of the outcome, working toward a common goal has brought this province together on a scale never before realized.

Having hosted the world together, we have forged new bonds that will not easily be dissolved. This is the perfect time to nurture new relationships, and capitalize on forward momentum in our communities. This cooperation will equip each of us with new tools and fresh approaches to the challenges of local government leadership.

At the 2010 UBCM Convention, we will reflect on our relationships with our First Nations neighbours. We will also take time to discuss the relationships that have been cultivated with community organizations, intergovernmental partners and other local governments. We will use this coming together of BC's local leaders to share and learn from one another's experiences, and gain ideas to move our own communities forward.

The place that we gather this year has come to represent the amazing feats that can be accomplished with determination, dedication and cooperation. The mountains of Whistler, while laden with obstacles, provided a platform upon which athletes pursued and achieved excellence. Through community partnerships and newfound knowledge, we too can overcome impediments to community services and relationships, for the benefit of all community members, province-wide.

More than ever, British Columbia is a community of communities. Local leaders from municipalities, regional districts and First Nations all strive toward a common goal of creating gold-medal communities. At the 2010 UBCM Convention, let us build upon our current and future relationships, and set the standard for local government operations.

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