Union of BC Municipalities

The Union of B.C. Municipalities is incorporated under a provincial statute, an Act to incorporate the Union of British Columbia Municipalities. The "objects" of the UBCM Act include:
  1. to secure united action among members in dealing with all matters of common municipal interest, and, when deemed expedient, to represent members in matters affecting them or the welfare or interests of their citizens;
  2. to cooperate with other organizations in dealing with matters under the legislative jurisdiction of Canada;
  3. to discuss and to deal with all problems of municipal government and municipal taxation;
  4. to cooperate with the Department of Municipal Affairs in the continued development of sound municipal government in the Province, and to recommend amendments to the Municipal Act, and any other Statutes which may affect the affairs of municipalities, and to cooperate with any other bodies having similar aims.
  5. to represent and assist members in maintaining and furthering municipal autonomy to a degree beneficial to the public interest at the municipal level.
  6. to acquire, assimilate, and distribute amongst the members statistics, enactments, results of judicial findings, and other general information that may be deemed of value to the members;
  7. to hold meetings in accordance with the bylaws of the Union for promoting the above objects and for creating and fostering a fraternal spirit among those engaged in municipal work;
  8. to encourage and promote the organization and development of district and local municipal associations, and, for the purposes of the MUNICIPAL ACT and any other Statutes to certify all such associations which are bona fide district or local municipal associations;

    h.1. to promote and initiate educational training in municipal administration, including contributing, receiving, managing and investing contributions and donations from members or other persons for the C.S.J. McKelvey Scholarship Fund or other funds and expending these in granting scholarships and bursaries to municipal employees and officers for improving their education or proficiency in municipal administration;
  9. without restricting the generality of the foregoing, to carry on all of the activities hitherto conducted by the Union of British Columbia Municipalities as it existed prior to the passing of this Act.
In addition to its General Policies, UBCM has adopted a range of policies on specific topics.

A full index of policy papers is available from the UBCM office.

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