Water Efficiency

It is possible for commercial buildings to reduce their water consumption by as much as 30% by taking action. This could save millions of litres of water per year and reduce the demand for local governments to withdraw water from rivers, streams, aquifers and reservoirs.

At Local Government House

LEED certification through the Canada Green Building Council requires Local Government House to be a water efficient building. Our goal is to use 30% less water than a conventional building. In order to achieve the required levels, we have installed:
  • Ultra-low flush toilets.
  • Sensor-operated taps in the washrooms.
  • Water-efficient fixtures in the staff room and shower.
  • Energy- and water-efficient dishwashers (in the staff room and suite).
  • An energy and water-efficient front-loading washing machine (in the suite).
The combination of water-efficient landscaping and the storm water management system also mean that Local Government House will not rely on any municipal water for irrigation after the landscaping is established. In the short term, high-efficiency drip-line irrigation, largely sourced from on-site storm water capture, is being used for irrigation.

In Your Community

  • Consider options for grey-water and recycled water supply systems.
  • Develop landscaping guidelines that require native and/or drought resistant landscaping that eliminates the need for permanent irrigation systems. If irrigation must be used, install high-efficiency systems.
  • Consider community-wide watering restrictions.
  • Install low-flow toilets, waterless urinals and/or composting toilets in local government buildings.

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