Comprehensive Waste Management

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.  As simple as it sounds, these three activities are the foundations of reducing the volume of waste created – estimated at 73 kg per employee per year - in an office building and, ultimately, reducing the burden of waste collection and landfilling that local governments undertake. 

At Local Government House

Through re-use, recycling, composting, and thoughtful purchasing, staff at Local Government House are taking action to create minimal waste.  Simple steps, such as using duplexers on printers, providing paper re-use boxes and removing full size garbage cans from offices, help ensure all staff are involved. 

We have developed a recycling system that includes mixed paper and mixed materials (plastics, metals and glass) and have added the ability to recycle soft plastics (such as plastic bags and films) and Styrofoam.  Materials such as waxed paper, milk cartons and pizza boxes are collected as part of a large-scale organics program and we have an on-site composting system to collect kitchen scraps, yard waste, used paper towels and catering napkins to create compost for on-site landscaping.

We also have a dedicated space for the collection of e-waste (such as computers, printers and small appliances) and are working closely with Metro Waste ensure that we are recycling all materials that have a commodity market in a responsible fashion.

In Your Community

  • Keep it simple – research has shown the people are most likely to recycle if it is easy and convenient.
  • Consider saving beverage containers that can be returned for a deposit.  Put the money towards green incentive programs in your local government or community.
  • Research local recycling markets to understand the big picture: items like Styrofoam may be collected locally but shipped overseas for processing.
  • Remember, thoughtful purchasing is the best way to reduce the need for waste management.

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