Interior Design & Furniture

The interior design of a building plays as much of a role in the health and wellness of its occupants as the building envelope. Work places that are visually appealing and that do not contain harmful toxins or irritants help to improve productivity and reduce absenteeism.

At Local Government House

All of the construction and finishing materials in Local Government House are low-emitting materials. The lobby furniture – manufactured in Vancouver by Upholstery Arts - is made with glues, stains, and finishes that do not emit hazardous air pollutants and contains Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.

What most people know as ‘linoleum' is actually polyvinyl chloride, which contains additives such as plasticizers, that are considered harmful by some authorities. In Local Government House we have installed marmoleum for some of floors and work surfaces. This product is the original ‘linoleum' and is made of linseed oil, wood flour, and solvent free adhesives - as a result no harmful air pollutants are emitted.

All of the office systems furniture, task chairs and visitor chairs are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified. This means all the materials have been tested for chemical emissions and that levels of pollutants like volatile organic compounds, respirable particles, formaldehyde, total aldehydes, ozone, and carbon monoxide are within a specified range. Both Upholstery Arts and Greenguard Certified furniture are cradle to cradle designed and once the furniture has reached the end of its use, the manufacturer will reuse and recycle the components.

In Your Community

  • Install grills or grates at all doorways to limit dirt – which may contain heavy metals and other toxins – from entering local government or community buildings.
  • Use only composite woods and laminate adhesives that contain no added urea-formaldehyde.
  • Develop and maintain a list of local and regional green material and furniture designers, producers and retailers.
  • Consider purchasing furniture that is made of natural flame-retardants, such as wool.

To Learn More

  • In Alberta, visit the Canmore Civic Centre (LEED Silver) where much of the existing office furniture system panels were recycled, with re-upholstered panels set into existing frames.

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