Green Construction

Construction waste can be a significant amount of landfill composition. Cardboard, metal, concrete, asphalt, gypsum, plastic and wood can all quickly be considered ‘waste.' However, with a clear plan in place, and a commitment to recycling, construction waste can be minimized.

At Local Government House

With a waste management plan in place, we were able to recycle approximately 85% of the construction waste. This has included wood, cardboard, drywall and metal.

Waste materials were delivered to Ellice Recycle Ltd. in Victoria – where over 17,000 tonnes of waste material are recycled annually. Waste wood was ground into a ‘Hog Fuel' for use as an alternative fuel. The drywall was crushed, the paper removed and 100% of the dust was turned back into drywall.

In addition to managing construction waste, filters were attached to nearby storm drains to minimize soil and construction particles entering the system and to reduce strain on local government infrastructure.

In Your Community

  • Contamination can be the biggest barrier to recycling, so work with contractors to ensure materials are fit to be recycled. This can be as simple as removing nails from waste wood.
  • Educate developers and contractors on the cost saving and environmental benefits of reducing construction waste – reduced landfill tipping fees and revenue from the market value of recycled materials.
  • When constructing new local government buildings, designate a specific area on the construction site for recycling.
  • Identify local construction haulers, recyclers and charitable organizations that may benefit from unwanted construction materials, such as Habitat for Humanity, in your community.
  • Require that storm water management plans are in place for all local developments.

To Learn More

  • Visit the Semiahmoo Library and RCMP District Office in the City of Surrey (LEED Silver) and learn how the project diverted 88% of materials from the landfill by implementing a construction waste management plan.

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